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Speeding of rallies

From July 1

National rallying has been under the cosh since the running order was changed a couple of years ago, but that was a necessity brought about amid searching inquiries into fatal accidents that had been instigated after two incidents. Rallying was under pressure to alter its ways, otherwise, the future might have looked much, much darker.

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How can the British rally championship bounce back?
Entries aren't increasing, so is the BRC sustainable in current times? Jack Benyon investigates.

Rallying buoyed by speeding rule change
A rule change allowing two-wheel drive and historic entries to run at the front of rallies for better road conditions could help rejuvenate poor entries in gravel events, according to Motor Sports Association chairman David Richards.

Why rally GB needs to remain loyal to its roots
Kris Meeke picked up my voice recorder, held it close and said: "David Evans agrees with me and he'll be writing about that in his next column."

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